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Corporate Sustainability ServicesIntegrated Green provides a broad offering of Corporate Sustainability Services. The cornerstone to this Service is our Organization Corporate Assessment Service.

Phase 1 - Evaluation

  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of company's operations
  • Evaluate building operations/maintenance practices, and office staff practices

Phase 2 - Implementation Roadmap

  • Develop a roadmap to incorporate sustainability into client processes, services and activities
  • Develop guidelines on stakeholders' engagement
  • Identify resources and tools that our clients will find helpful when implementing the program. The roadmap will be tailored to business and local conditions

Integrated Green also offers a stand-alone Sustainable Policies Development Service. We can draft sustainable policies that can be easily integrated into client ongoing operations. The policies address Green Cleaning, Purchasing, Preventive Maintenance, and Hardscape Management, and can be integrated into the LEED® certification process.

Integrated Green also offers a series of Sustainability Workshops:

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Workshop helps clients develop climate action plans and greenhouse gas reduction strategies
  • Green Team Coordination Workshops create an outlet for staff member’s environmental interests and tie the use of sustainable processes into institutional marketing campaigns
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Workshops help develop corporate-level policies that tie company commitment to sustainable practices to the interests of society

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