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IAQ ModelingIndoor air quality (IAQ) can be a health and safety concern for building occupants. It is influenced by the ventilation system, pollution sources, the building site, and the building occupants themselves. A healthy environment should include systems that provide adequate ventilation, control airborne contaminants, and maintain appropriate temperature and relative humidity.
Our Integrated Green professionals will conduct a walk-through of your facility to inspect the ventilation systems and pollutant intrusion pathways, evaluate air exchange, and document temperature and relative humidity.

Services offered include:

  • Building Ventilation Evaluation
  • Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, Relative Humidity testing
  • Airborne Particulate Analysis
  • Airborne Volatile Organic Compound Analysis
  • Data logging of air quality indicators

The resultant data are compared against ASHRAE and other guidelines and recommendations are made for improving IAQ. Integrated Green offers high a level of expertise in inspecting, diagnosing and repairing indoor air quality problems and is prepared to work with you to achieve a safer, healthier more comfortable environment.

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